January 9, 2007

Farm Food Voices, DC 2007

Farm Food Voices, DC 2007
National Grassroots Small-farm Lobby Day, February 14th
[No experience needed!]

Joel Salatin, Speaker
Anti-NAIS, pro small/sustainable/independent agriculture

Under the banner of The National Independent Consumers and Farmers Advocates Fund
(NICFA Fund http://www.nicfa.net)

WHAT: Grassroots lobbying and legislative reception
WHERE: Washington, DC
WHEN: Wednesday, February 14th, 2007, 12:00 noon
WHY: So legislators can meet small, sustainable producers and the consumers who depend on them and hear their message.

Most federal legislators don’t know we exist, or take us seriously. We have to change that.

Jointly organized by the Virginia Independent Consumer Farmers Association (VICFA) and the Maryland Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (MICFA), Farm Food Voices, DC 2007 will bring America’s farmers and the consumers who depend on them from all over the country to DC to meet legislators, explain to them why NAIS would destroy sustainable agriculture, the economies and communities these small farms sustain, and the foods millions of consumers depend on.

We will provide Talking Points for grassroots lobbyists and information packets for legislators.

Weston A. Price Foundation members in the DC area will prepare a nourishing Traditional Luncheon style reception, with food sampling, for legislators and grassroots lobbyists.

(We’ll meet in one of the Congressional office buildings. See http://www.nicfa.net for room closer to date).

AGENDA: 12:00 – 12:50

Reception 1:00 -- 3:00 Individually lobby legislators from your state Meet at noon in reception room Joel Salatin will address grassroots lobbyists and legislators, followed by Q and A Mingle with and speak to legislators and staffers during reception

1:00—disperse to meet with representatives and senators of your state to tell them about small producers and that NAIS is another big government program that discriminates against small farmers.

We oppose any government funded or managed National Animal Identification System.

ACTIONS: Come to Washington DC February 14th. Call the U.S. Representative and Senators from your state NOW and make an appointment to speak with them OR THEIR STAFF MEMBERS February 14th. (Staffers are just as important!!!). When you call them for the appointment, invite them AND THEIR STAFFERS to the legislative reception at noon. (See http://www.nicfa.net for room closer to date).

Find your legislators (enter zip in top of left column)

Event information: http://www.nicfa.net
email: editor@vicfa.net
Phone: Richard Bean 434.263.8704

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