December 29, 2006

Comments from Let Andy try it

Four comments to one entry, that's a first.

Tony says:

this is the first time
I've seriously felt like
giving up meat. For some reason,
the idea of not knowing
whether the meat I'm eating is
cloned makes me more queasy
than any slaughter house
documentary or e-coli pandemic.
I see an immediate crash in
hamburger consumption

I say, Tony, don't give up meat. Better for you if you locate a local grass farmer and buy sustainable meat and produce that way. The meat from the grocery store, cloned meat aside, comes from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) where the cows are fed corn which ruins the pH of their rumins. When the pH of the rumins is put out of balance the animal gets sick and needs to be given antibiotics and other drugs. The meat that comes from the grocery store is filled with the drugs they give the animals. It boggles my mind that the mainstream media who is always trying to help us get healthy never, ever advises that people should stop shopping at the grocery store. Check out SlowFoodUSA.


These next two comments had the ip address and name server of the FDA -
Anonymous said... i guess ignorance reigns on this blog; once it has been cloned, it's an animal, stupid, no different from any other. It's like saying you won't let your kids play with the neighbors kid created through IVF, because we still don't know, maybe they carry disease..

and, Grandma, virtually indistinguishable means just that, no conspiracy here; two hamburgers from cattle procreated by AI (cows and bulls don't have sex on farms BTW) are also virtually indistinguishable, they are not the "same" since they are two different hamburgers
I am ignorant because I have an immediate emotional reaction to the idea of cloning?
A public servant has called me ignorant and stupid right to my face. That is very rude. You shouldn't be rude to me, rather you should try to learn from me.

Comment number 2 from the FDA.

Anonymous said... can you read?!? try this again, when the hot flashes subside:To produce a clone, the nucleus of a donor egg is removed and replaced with the DNA of a cow, pig or other animal. [Wait a minute. What did FDA say cloning didn't involve? "Cloning is not the same as genetic engineering, which involves altering, adding or deleting DNA; cloning does not change the gene sequence." DNA is added or it isn't? ]

The DNA is moved into the nucleus, it is not altered and nothing is added or deleted
If you take the nucleus (contains DNA, right?) out of an egg, that is the same as deleting it, right? Then you replace the DNA with some other DNA, isn't that the same as adding it? So the egg is altered, right? See above.

Mr or Ms FDA Person, let me ask you...would YOU sit down to a nice beefy piece of cloned meat? Would you take the milk from a cloned cow straight or would you stir in some Ovaltine?

God is going to pay all you bureaucrats back for tinkering with nature.

The next one isn't from the FDA.

Anonymous said... Why will they not label it! Then people can decide if they want to eat cloned or GMO.
Dear Anon,

Your food that you buy in the grocery store contains a high amount of GMO ingredients and they are not labeled. Some reports say that 60 - 70% of ingredients in prepared or canned foods are GMO. Here is a list from True Food Now that lists gmo and non-gmo products. You might want to read Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. When you find out all tht GMO corn is made into you will be shocked.

We need to get the FDA to mandate truth in labeling.

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  1. I came across your Let Andy Try It post while searching for info on cloned meat. I was pretty stunned by how rude anonymous was, especially in light of the fact that cloned animals are less healthy and die early. Now? To hear that he or she works for the FDA? I'm just downright flabbergasted. I WOW.

    Sounds like you and I are feeling similarly about the role of the govt. in "protecting" our food. Anyhow, I'm enjoying your site quite a bit.


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