November 3, 2006

Metrology Medic
Click through for Solutions to Improve your Productivity, a viable alternative to high priced of discontinued OEM service for the following machines.

Nanometrics 8000 XSE/AFT, Nanometrics 8300 XSE/AFT, Nanometrics 9100 XSE/AFT,
Nanometrics 9200 AFT, Nanometrics 9000 Inline AFT, Nanometrics 6150 AFT,
Nanometrics 6000 AFT, Nanometrics 4150 AFT, Nanometrics 4000 AFT, Nanometrics 3000 AFT,
Nanometrics 210 AFT, Nanometrics 180 AFT\Micro gauge, Nanoline CD IV/V/50-2/50-2C,
Nanospec Model 100 Analytical Microscope, Nanometrics Cwikscan SEM,
Nanometrics Legacy system, AFT, Automated Film Thickness, Kensington, robots,
Wollham, ellipsometers, Wvase, software, metrology, silion wafer

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