March 12, 2006

Grassroots Efforts to Combat National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

If you've come here looking for information about NAIS or want to know if your state is represented in the largest internet based grassroots activist effort in history, take a look at for the growing list of state specific list discussion groups. Click your way through and join the effort. You must help or we, the people, will lose more of our freedoms. Owning a chicken or a horse, having a trout pond, enjoying a trail ride, those things should not be illegal. If NAIS is made mandatory my chicken, your horse, his pig, their pigeons, they'll all belong to the "National Herd".

Another suggestion is to Google News for these phrases:
National Animal Identification System
Animal ID (your state)
Premises ID (your state)

You can set a Google alert for news articles that pertain to your search terms.

In order to fight NAIS and all it's various forms in the different states you need to be vigilant and get involved.


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