February 15, 2006

Bang the Drum Loudly

You've landed here at Post Menopausal Ponderings either as a link from a website or blog OR you Googled up NAIS. You are the one I want to talk to. Are you thinking "What can I do?". You've come to the right spot. There are many ways you can help fight the National Animal Identification System. Activist groups have sprung up all over the internet. I'll list them below and bid you God speed as you click your way through them. Join the groups that fit your situation. Each group or list has resources that you can immediately use to get the word out.

It is very important for the country that you do something to help us defeat NAIS. If we don't band together and make our voices heard every lick of food in the future will come from one of the mega-agribusinesses.


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