January 11, 2006

First post of the New Year

Has it been nearly two months since I last posted? Originally, this blog was supposed to be about my life, but the NAIS has taken over, it's that important of an issue. The visitor count is way up, 38 visitors just this week! They are coming from googlesque searches for NAIS information. And from bloggers like Sugar Mountain Farm. Thank you Walter!

There does seem to be more awareness about the National Animal Identification System which makes me happy. I hope that we can do something about it. Your next stop from here should be to StopAnimalID.org.

Here in Vermont we have several important political races coming up this year. One is for Senate (R) down in Washington. I met Rich Tarrant, running for that seat, the night he did a spaghetti dinner in St. Albans. He was up at the front introducing himself and expounding on what he was gonna do for us. Yeah. He went on and on about the organics issue and the family or small farmer. I raised my hand at that moment and said, "Well, if the NAIS gets put into place there won't be any family farmers, so the issue will be moot." Ha! His face turned red, he looked over at his campaign manager who did not know what I was talking about. Later, I spoke with Rich and spoke with his campaign manager a couple of times about it. They were going to take up the cross, yeah sure. From his website: http://www.tarrant06.com

Q. How do you see Vermont workers fitting into the American and world job markets?

A: Globalization is inevitable. I believe that Vermont reaps enormous benefits from international trade, especially, our trade with Canada.

Globalization is inevitable? Cutting edge thinking there, Rich. (wink, wink) Can't we have a candidate who really represents the people?


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