March 24, 2005

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No matter how you think about it, it is still cruel and unusual the way it's being done.

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  1. I agree, Hen. It will be the dehydration that kills her. Here's how it works:

    The mouth would dry out and become caked or coated with thick material.
    The lips would become parched and cracked.
    The tongue would swell, and might crack.
    The eyes would recede back into their orbits and the cheeks would become hollow.
    The lining of the nose might crack and cause the nose to bleed.
    The skin would hang loose on the body and become dry and scaly.
    The urine would become highly concentrated, leading to burning of the bladder.
    The lining of the stomach would dry out and the sufferer would experience dry heaves and vomiting.
    The body temperature would become very high.
    The brain cells would dry out, causing convulsions.
    The respiratory tract would dry out, and the thick secretions that would result could plug the lungs and cause death.
    At some point within five days to three weeks the major organs, including the lungs, heart, and brain, would give out and the patient would die.


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