January 18, 2005

Clucking Point

It's this very stuff that makes me want to cluck my head off. First question I have is why will it cost $92 million in US taxpayers dollars for the expat Iraqis to vote?

Secondly, what causes Mike Amitay, executive director of the Washington Kurdish Institute, to say this: "The election process reflects a lot of the sort of ignorance and incompetence that you see more generally in the Bush administration's policy toward Iraq."

Hey, Mike, get a grip. Have you been there giving a hand to the government to set up the elections?



  1. Everyone's a critic, huh! Also, Hen, I am having more people of the "left" visiting my site, so I decided I would disarm before sniping :)

    I can see by your comment that you perceived what I was doing.

  2. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Henny, you need to get the grip. The Kurdish Institute and numerous other groups contacted by the IOM OCV staff offered to assist what was clearly a misconceived (and ridiculously late) effort. But as the fix was already clearly on, all advice and offers of assistance from sources not in on the scam fell on deaf ears. As a result, the expat voting was a joke, especially in the DC and LA areas. The Bush administration has bungled every aspect of Iraq policy since 9/11, and this wasted $92 million is seen as just peanuts compared with the billions being flushed down the Iraq toilet or stuffed into the pockets of reconstruction bandits. Anyone who believes otherwise is grossly minsinformed or purposefully ingnorant.

  3. The thing is this....there are no facts, just opinions. For example, unless YOU were there in the meetings or involved in the planning at the highest of levels, all you have is information that you read somewhere. That's all I have, information and opinions. For example, my opinion of the Kurdish Institute is low based on the information I've gathered.

    Perhaps, though, I have one more thing. Faith. Call me crazy, but, please, not misinformed or ignorant.



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